Various Types of Surveys To Consider in Hampshire

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When buying a house, it is important to have a house survey carried out. There are three main types of house survey to choose from:.

Basic House Survey for Mortgage Valuation (compulsory if you are having a mortgage).
Homebuyers Survey
Building Survey (often referred to as a ‘structural survey’)
fire risk Survey.
fire safety assessments.
asbestos management Survey.
asbestos removal Survey.

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Basic Hampshire Fire Safety asssessments and fire Risks Survey – Mortgage Valuation.

When applying for a mortgage in Hampshire. The lender will instruct their surveyor to carry out a basic house and house fire survey in the form of a Mortgage Valuation, this is to ensure that you fire safety and risks of damage are reduced. You will usually be charged a valuation fee for this; the size of the fee will depend on the size and asking price of the property.

The purpose of this type of house fire safety survey is to make sure that the property is worth the value you are paying for it with an emphasis on whether or not the lender can readily recoup the money they are lending to you if they have to sell the property in the event that you default on your mortgage. This is why it is more commonly referred to as a ‘Mortgage Valuation’.

The valuation is fairly superficial and a hampshire based fire risk assessors will not usually provide accurate details about the condition of the property. All the lender wants to know from this type of house survey is whether or not the property is marketable. Major structural defects which will cost you a lot of money to rectify may be missed. This type of house survey does not guarantee that the property is worth the asking price.

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Homebuyers Survey.

The homebuyers Survey is done to a format laid down by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (‘RICS’). With this type of house survey you will receive a homebuyers survey report which is set out in sections covering all the major parts of the property that are clearly visible to the surveyor.

When considering which home survey to have it is important to be aware that the Homebuyers survey will provide a more detailed account of the condition of the property than the Basic Mortgage Valuation. The Homebuyers Survey report is aimed at providing a picture of the overall condition of the property and to identify areas of the property that require further testing.

The limitation to this type of house survey is that it only covers those parts of the property that are readily visible to the surveyor, the surveyor will not look beyond this, for example, if the loft is full of boxes, the surveyor will not move the boxes and look at the timbers beneath.

The Homebuyers survey is the most commonly commissioned house survey and is sufficient for most conventional properties that have been built within the last 100 years or so.

The Homebuyers Survey will:.

� Look at the general condition of the property.
� Assess any minor or major faults and point out areas where a more detailed investigation is required.
� Check for rising or penetrating damp or wood rot and insect infestation, such as woodworm.
� Check the condition of any damp proof course or insulation.
� Check the condition of any drainage from the property. Although the Homebuyers survey will not include a check of the drains, it will state whether or not it is advisable to have the drains investigated further.
â�¢ Provide a ‘ball park figure’ estimate for any repairs that are needed and state which repairs are urgent and which repairs can be done at a later date.
â�¢ Provide the surveyor’s estimation of the value of the property based on their expertise and knowledge of the local property market.

Asbestos Building Survey.

Often referred to as a ‘Structural Survey’ the building survey is the most expensive of the house survey types. A Building Survey is the most detailed of the different types of house survey and can take several hours to undertake. The Building Survey does not generally provide a valuation unless you specifically request it.

The Building Survey will include:.

� All major and minor faults within the property.
� The cost of any repairs required.
� Damp testing and the full results of these tests.
� Testing of all the timber for wood rot or insect infestation and the results of these tests.
� Technical information on the construction of property including details of all the materials used.
� Information about the location of the property.
� Details of any further inspections that may be required on the property and any subsequent work that may need to be done.

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If you are looking for further information about fire related surveys, then click here

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